Collect happiness in saving box. Everyday, no matters Monday or Friday.

Happiness does not live on the opposite side of sorrow. It resides in the moment of facing against sorrow.

Real happiness never hurts the others.

Happiness is never envious with sorrow.

Being calm while facing great sufferings, you will touch the reality of happiness.

Happiness makes people smile, and smile brings laughters.

No matters today, yesterday or the old days; happiness still resides in your heart.

Happiness is very short. It lives just for today.

You will never touch happiness while you ignore the others feelings.

The sky will always be with you. Just like happiness who always lives side by side with sorrow.

Real happiness is not the time you achieve your aim but the time you started.

Sweet smile comes from heart.

Don't give up when getting tired. Coping with it is really challenging.

Brush your teeth with your toothbrush, and brush up your dreams with your strong heart.

I can give you only courage. You are the key part for your success.





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Posted on Sun 30 Jan 2005 14:00

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