Real happiness will come when you run to your dreams

Smile!!!! You will then by happy!

Be happy long! And have a very short call of sorrow!

No more desire in belongings,
no more risk in getting richer,
no more needs in flake happingess,
real happiness will come.

Happiness doesn't mean a lot of money.
Happiness doesn't mean a lot of friends.
Happiness doesn't mean a lot of grilfriends.
It means very few desires.

The great guys come form TV. The good guys come from morality.

Love must give...but not your whole heart.
Love must worry...worry about yourself.

Happiness comes easily...just deeply inhale and then sing.

Changing can relieve your uncomfortbility somehow.

Fear is the great enemy for going ahead while braveness brings discovery.

Hardships always comes before happiness.

Joys and sufferings are to be talked out not to be kept inside.

All problems have solutions. Don't too much worry!

Why worry? Take away anxiety from your heart.

Weak heart capsized your dreams and makes your life unsuccessful.

Ignoring gossip makes your life happier.

Happiness is not a new thing. It's the old thing that we all acquaint with.

Some old things are valuable.
No matters their scratches,
they still give you the happiness of the old days.

Thanks to enemies who make our real friends known to the world.

While sending your greetings to people far away, don' forget the one who lives besides you.

If you ignore to compromise you will be overthrown someday.

Life hardships produces life immuniy.

Stop your irritability!
Stop your burning heart!
Forgive all lives
and smile to all troubles

Unseen morality build up happiness in our heart-we know well.

All best wishes give you only courage. They will come true when you try your best.

Let it be...
Let it be...
Don't worry!
Just strengthen your heart and rely on time.

Your first represents your heart. Just stretch out your fingers to make it light-weighted.

Theme of life is to wipe out your desire not to collect more.

Forgive each other today while we have time. Smile to each other today to make a good day for us

Water cleans our boday whereas morality cleans our heart.

Being happy is great! The greater is that we share it to the others.

Stop for time revising not because of being aimless.
Stop when you need a rest not because you yield to obstacles.

Good or bad we well know. Why not choose "Good"?

Happiness flies about everywhere. Set your good mood to welcome it.

Be optimistic without regard to the world's dark side!
Seeing the world with understanding eyes brings you real happiness


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Note : วันนี้จะแวะบีทูเอสไปดูหนังสือซะหน่อย เพราะจะได้เลือกหนังสือที่ถูกใจเก็บไว้ซื้อในงานสัปดาห์หนังสือที่กำลังจะมาถึง ตั้งเป้าว่า ปีนี้จะลดหนังสือประเภทนิยาย และหันมาซื้อหนังสือแนวจิตวิทยาหรือไม่ก็หนังสืออะไรก็ได้ที่อ่านแล้วรู้สึกดี มีความหมายดีๆ อย่างเช่นเล่มข้างบนนี้




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